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Prezzo (IVA esclusa)
6.053 EUR
45.000 DKK
Prezzo (IVA esclusa)
6.053 EUR
45.000 DKK
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CategoriaAltre macchine per la manutenzione del verde e strade
Marca/modelloSisis Rotorake MK5
Anno di costruzione2021
Ubicazione della macchinaReesink Turfcare DK A/S
Mascus ID321E1D92


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Prezzo (IVA esclusa)6.053 EUR  (45.000 DKK)
IVA (25%)1.513 EUR
Prezzo (IVA inclusa)7.566 EUR  (56.250 DKK)


Anno di inizio esercizio2021
Stock interno nr.FS1052_GN
Valutazione generale (1-5)
Proprietari precedenti1
Numero di serieFS1052+FS1093
Tipo di trazione2 WD
Potenza motore4,78 kW (6 hp)
Produttore motoreHonda
Nazione di produzioneRegno Unito
Altre informazioni1 stk. SISIS ROTORAKE MK5 FS1052
# Power unit only, no reel, includes collector box
1 stk. Scarifying Reel (Thatch Removal) FS1093
# 1.6mm tungsten tipped, 20 mm spacing


Vejl. pris kr. 70.962,00 (excl. moms)

Auto Rotorake MK.5
The SISIS Auto Rotorake Mk 5 is a self-propelled heavy duty scarifier and de-thatcher for removal and control of thatch on fine and other quality turf. It is ideally suited to a range of applications from sports field maintenance, lawns and amenities. It can be used as a bowling green scarifier and a cricket scarifier for maintaining artificial pitches, bowling greens, croquet lawns, tennis courts, cricket pitches, golf courses, lawns and gardens.

Scarification is important to encourage germination and the Auto Rotorake Mk. 5 will serve all your scarifying needs including removal of lawn thatch to provide top class lawn treatment.

Its contra-rotating reel has specially designed tipping blades for clean, consistent cut and maximum thatch removal to ensure excellent lawn care when the time comes to scarify.

# Working width of 50cm (20ins).
# Cutting reel safety brake.
# Contra-rotating reel with specially designed tipped blades for clean, consistent cut and maximum thatch removal.
# Alternative blades for light scarifying.
# Optional Brush Reels, Rolaspike Reel.
# Depth of cut adjustment control is mounted on the handle to enable depth to be set whilst moving forwards.
# User-friendly, operator presence controls designed for maximum operator safety.
# Easy-fit collector box.
# 6.5hp petrol engine with independent drive to wheels and reel.
# Careful weight distribution, slick tyres and full differential ensure ease of turning and minimal surface marking.#
# Optional artifical surface Brush Reels

Reesink Turfcare DK A/S
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    Reesink Turfcare DK A/S
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John Deere1241

Su trovate altre macchine per la manutenzione del verde e strade marchio Sisis Rotorake MK5. Questa macchina Sisis Rotorake MK5, anno 2021, si trova in Reesink Turfcare DK A/S Danimarca. Su potete trovare molte altre macchine Sisis Rotorake MK5 e molti altri modelli di altre macchine per la manutenzione del verde e strade. Dettagli - Anno di inizio esercizio: 2021, Stock interno nr.: FS1052_GN, Valutazione generale (1-5): 5, Ore di utilizzo: 1 h, Proprietari precedenti: 1, Utilizzo: Esterno, Numero di serie: FS1052+FS1093, Tipo di trazione: 2 WD, Potenza motore: 4,78 kW (6 hp), Produttore motore: Honda, Nazione di produzione: Regno Unito